Bulk Wine Service - Passion for excellence

Loading Wine Vessel

Luxium Wines S.L. specializes in bulk wine services and uses this expertise and knowledge to satisfy our customer needs around the globe.


Our team has built strong relationships with main world's wine companies. We are proud to be recognized internationally for reliable and extensive bulk wine services, in both volume and quality.


Our goal is to provide the best information, experience, inventory and service in the global bulk wine market. We have the best customer interests in mind, therefore we can act as a pure brokerage company, or trading company.  We take position on the wine so you are guaranteed and honest opinion in terms of quality, price and demand.

Our Bulk Services

wine design

Wine Laboratory

At your request, we will design the ideal wine blend for your market. With our Technical Support team, you can be sure that you will obtain quality and consistency. We blend them in order to create your next award winning wine.

wine sourcing

Bulk Cellar; Vino a granel

We have long time experience in working with cooperatives and wineries in Spain and abroad. Our objective is selecting the right samples according to your specific wine needs and provide you with the selected bulk wine. 

wine transport


We are your local partner at origin, making sure to find the best transport possibilities and supervising the loading procedures. Under our strict control, we will make sure that your wine is loaded perfectly. Qualified specialists will ensure the secure handling for your wine.

Export handling

Export Handling

We will support you or take over the export handling, making sure that the wine departs without delay and shipment documents are ready. Our Business Operations team will manage the relationship with all Stakeholders.

OWN label

Bottling own label

Our Technical Support team will ensure that your private brand will obtain the quality and consistency demanded by your customers. No matter which quantities or qualities. 


related products

Other products

Serving grape must, concentrates, distillates, alcohols and spirits, in bulk or packaged is part of our DNA. Trust us with your specific demands and we will provide you the desired outcome.

Bio products

Bio Wines, Organic Wines, Vinos ecologicos

We count with the organic certification.

Our team will can support you by selecting the right Bio / Organic Wines Bio / Organic concentrates and Bio / Organic distillates.