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Over 100 Years of Experience

During the XIX century, the Filoxera plague destroyed all the vineyards in Central Europe. Winemakers discovered that this plague could be stopped by covering the roots of the vines with beach sand. The plaque stopped in the French Pyrenees, leaving Spain untouched. Because of this, Spain had the opportunity to increase its export operations and supply European demand. 


 Due to the vast vineyards in its mainland, Valencia became the most important wine export harbour in Spain; A title which proudly still maintains today.


After recognising the needs of the Market, the Teschendorff Family, moved in the early 1900 from Germany to satisfy the sharp European demand with Spanish wines. The cellar was located close to the Valencia harbour, which allowed them to easily access main wine production companies.

It was also the plague that motivated the Mompó Family to start exporting Valencia´s wines to new markets such as France, Morocco, Philippines and other countries in Asia.


In the late '50s, the Mompó and the Teschendorff Family joined forces to create one of the most important wine companies in Spanish history. As one of Spain's bulk wine export leaders, they decided to merge with other spiritis corporations. Additionally, they gave birth to further joint projects like Calderon Vineyards.


The Company today

The Wine Industry is rapidly evolving and changing.  15 to 20 Years ago, Production wineries 

felt the need to industrialize their cellars for further treatment. Nowadays, the producers have the technology to adapt the grape harvest to your needs. With the experience of a multinational corporation and the spirit of a dynamic and agile start-up, the Mompó and Teschendorff Family decided to join forces again into Luxium Wines. A new entity with experience treating wines directly at their primary facilities and manage the entire export process until it reaches its destination.


Currently, the demand diversification in the Wine Industry is rising because Wine sellers are aiming to provide a great variety of wine types to their respective markets. At Luxium Wines, we work on the creation and implementation of the “GLOBAL WINE SERVICE” concept through providing our partners with their specific bulk wine and white label requirements, by partnering with different wine countries and regions.



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